To help set up our pioneering Community Supported Agricultural Scheme, we’re welcoming a diverse group of people to join us at Stanford Hall between January 15th and April 30th 2018. Thank you for your interest in joining our community. We’re really happy to welcome you to the team!

So that we can reserve your accommodation, make sure we have everything you need and line up the kind of projects that make you tick we’ll need some more information from you.

Please read the following and answer the questions below:

Here are the teams that you can choose to be part of;

Plant Care: for those wanting to raise the plants ready for planting out in the fields.

Woodwork/ Shelter Building: for those wanting to help build structures and facilities.

Earth Care: for those wanting physically demanding work such as mulching and other ground work.

People Care: for those wanting to look after the needs of those in the community, such as cooking, massage, yoga sessions, cups of tea, designing and creating community spaces.

Expediting and Special Projects: for those wanting to take on entire set ups such as hen facilities, poly tunnels etc or to jump in when another team has a tight deadline.

You can choose any one of these teams (subject to space) but you’re not bound to it for your entire stay. We’re hoping that you’ll find a group of like minded people, with similar interests so that you can percolate ideas and inspiration within your group before offering your designs to the project. After a week within the community we’ll have a review to make sure everyone is happy,  or if you’d like to switch at any point you can let us know.

With regards to day to day life, we ask that you join in with activities for a minimum of 4 days out of 7 – you can decide which days. On other days you may decide to join in with the activities or entertain yourself. The area has some great walks and a few historic towns close by. The People Care team will also set up personal development activities on some days that you may decide to take part in.

Days with the community will begin with breakfast in The Stables Cafe at 9am, followed by Morning Muster at 9.30am. At 10am we’ll break off into our teams to get on with the days projects. Between 1pm and 2pm a simple lunch will be served on site. Projects will then wrap up at around 5pm. An evening meal will then be served in The Stables Cafe at 6pm. The communal living space will be available in the evenings until 9pm.

If possible please bring with you boots/wellies, warm/waterproof coat, sleeping bag, warm clothes, slippers, gardening gloves.

You may have friends or family that you would like to invite from time to time. You can welcome them by using the caravan park on the estate (by booking directly through the caravan park if spaces are available). However, to keep all community members safe and secure, access to the community living area is strictly limited to those that have been registered via this form. If you would like any friend or family members to be registered please ask that they contact us separately. We’ll then send them the registration form if we have a suitable position available for them.

There’s more information on this web pack which you’re very welcome to share with anyone you think might be interested.

Also feel free to follow our Facebook, Twitter, MeetUp etc to stay up to date. As a community growing initiative we have networks under the name Seeds of Eden but you can also find networks for this specific project under the name “Stanford Hall CSA”.

If you have any questions or feedback for us please Contact us.