Our summer internship encourages learning through observation, enquiry and interaction with a fully functioning organic, no-dig market garden, along with the ecosystem and community into which it is integrated.

An integrated rota allows interns to immerse themselves into every part of the organic market gardeners’ way of life as the growing season progresses, while seasoned land workers offer guidance as inquiry arises.

In the evolution of information, knowledge, and wisdom we stand on the shoulders of giants. Interns will be guided to the learning materials of the masters for private study, as and when observation sparks curiosity.

The summer internship lasts for 8 months – from 1st March to the 31st of October. The first 4 months are charged at £30 per week, with full payment of £480 being payable by February 29th. For the latter 4 months, interns are offered a stipend of £30 per week, paid weekly – for those that complete the internship this equates to it being free of charge. Food and simple shared accommodation are included in this arrangement.

Applications are to be submitted by December 31st, from which 6 applicants will be chosen by January 31st.

Due to potential pandemic restrictions you may be required to quaranteen for 2 weeks prior to the starting date of the internship. Please factor this into your plans. We will let all succesful applicants know more about this as the start date approaches.

Successful applicants are required to bring a sleeping bag, waterproof boots, comfortable working shoes, a head torch, note book, pen, and practical clothes for all weather conditions.