Thank you for your interest in joining our community. The garden setup phase of the project has now been completed, the gardens are laid out, and we’re moving into phase two. Phase two is about creating a more permanent, ongoing community based around the gardens. We have now moved out of the luxurious but somewhat imposing buildings of Stanford Hall. Throughout the summer months, we’ll be using an off-grid field camp of bell tents, a community yurt, and an on-grid shower/clothes washing pod to accommodate the team. We’ll be staying here while we plant up the gardens and create more permanent structures to enable us to live in ecocentric splendor. These are to include a mobile horse box kitchen, a reciprocal roofed community shelter, a pizza oven, a straw bale barn, an underground greenhouse/wallapini, and a veg shack. For now, at least, expect no luxuries – expect to live on the land, from the land and in rhythm with the season. This way of life is not for everyone and is better suited to keen ecologists who are happy living a simple, outdoor life. It may be for you and if so we’re really happy to welcome you!

Please read the following and answer the questions below:

To ensure a stable community dynamic, and to make training effective and worthwhile we have a minimum stay of 2 weeks. After one week we offer a review to make sure that you are a good match for the community. After this review period, you’ll be welcomed for the rest of your requested stay.

We ask that you join in with team activities for a minimum of 4 days out of 7 – you can decide which days to suit your schedule. Some networks specify that you will be expected to work for only 5 hours per day over 5 days, however, we prefer to offer a 4 day week to enable you to explore more during your free time. We also ask that you assist our People Care team in service to the community on one other day. This will be in general domestic tasks that you would usually have to do to take care of yourself, such as cooking, cleaning and providing refreshments.  On other days you can join group activities or entertain yourself.  The area has some great walks and a few historic towns close by.

Team sessions begin at 9am with a morning muster, lunch is at 1pm, afternoon sessions begin at 2pm and we finish for the day at 5pm. If you wish to split your days and work half days you can, as long as you join us for 8 sessions per week in total.

We will do a mix of eating together and self-catering. For some meals, we provide food from the horsebox kitchen and others you can pick some produce from the gardens and create a meal for yourself or with other community members at the camp kitchen. If you’d like to bring your own cooking equipment you can also cater for yourself within your own camp.

You may have friends or family that you would like to invite from time to time. You can welcome them by using the caravan park on the estate (by booking directly through the caravan park if spaces are available). If you would like any friend or family members to be registered to stay within the CSA community please ask that they contact us separately. We’ll then send them the registration form if we have a suitable position available for them.

There’s more information on this web pack which you’re very welcome to share with anyone you think might be interested.

Also feel free to follow our Facebook, Twitter, MeetUp etc to stay up to date. As a community growing initiative we have networks under the name Seeds of Eden but you can also find networks for this specific project under the name “Stanford Hall CSA”.

If you have any questions or feedback for us please Contact us.