Stanford Hall CSA was launched to offer food security to our local community. With the recent pandemic of Covid-19 we are taking that responsibility seriously. We have devised the following plan to allow us to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Public Events:

As a Community Supported Agriculture scheme, our public interface is at the core of what we do. We look forward to a time when we can further these connections, however, all public events are canceled until further notice. This includes Open Farm Sundays, Community Grower sessions, and workshops.

Deliveries and Collections:

In order that we can keep our crew healthy enough to produce food for the community, we request that all visits to the farm are limited to collections and deliveries. Once at the farm, all items are to be collected from and delivered to the area just inside the gate only. If a crew member is nearby, please give them an opportunity to distance themselves before entering. We will not be exchanging cash, signatures, or making contact in any other way. Once delivered all goods will be handled with gloves and quarantined for 24 hours.

We will notify all members of their collection times with at least 48 hours’ notice. Whilst collecting later than this time is acceptable (up to a 24 hour period), we request that early collections are not attempted. This allows our crew to prepare deliveries within our strict distancing policies. Returned boxes and packaging are to be left within the assigned cage, where it will be quarantined for 48 hours before being reused.  We aim to continue with distribution via our collection point at Market Harborough EcoVillage. Our Community Coordinators will be following the same policies as Domestic Members, to protect both members and our crew.

New Memberships:

With the measures we are taking to increase production, and with the produce that we will no longer be distributing to schools and events, we hope to be in the position to serve a much greater number of households. Priority will be given to existing members, however, new membership requests will be added to a waiting list and served on a first-come, first-served basis. If all goes to plan we hope to be serving many new members by May.  The beginning of the harvesting season is always light on heavy, carbohydrate-rich foods, so we recommend that a reasonable supply of dry goods is kept on hand to serve with your share.

We are feeling positive about our ability to serve the community, and in the opportunities to create more resilient, kinder systems during these eye-opening times. We wish you all a safe and peaceful time with those that matter most to you, and hope for a slow and smooth transition to allow the most vulnerable, access to the care and resources that they need.  It is our hope that this period serves to illuminate some of the flaws within the way we operate as a community, and a species, in order that we may enjoy greater resilience in the years ahead.


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