What is a Community Supported Agricultural Scheme?

A Community Supported Agricultural Scheme is a new way of producing and distributing the food that we eat. By connecting the community with the place and people that grow their food, greater food security, sustainability and trust can be achieved. The CSA model offers access to land and the expertise of a grower but relies on community involvement to function.

Today we face many challenges in agriculture, which ultimately affect us all. The scheme will be using many cutting edge solutions such as biodynamics, no dig agriculture and permaculture.

Biodynamics and the “no dig” method promote abundant soil life and create nutrient dense crops with fantastic flavour.

Permaculture is guided by Earth care, people care and fair share. It offers operational systems that work with natural cycles, leading to maximum output for minimum input.

By using and teaching these systems we aim to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment, while offering food produced without harmful chemicals, ensuring greater food security for all.

How to get involved

You are invited to grow a wide variety of crops with the guidance of a full time grower. The produce will then be made available to community growers, school canteens and local residents through a membership system. By supporting a grower and exchanging with the scheme in one of several ways, each member becomes a part of a diverse and robust community food network.

Family Farm Open Sundays 11am-2pm Jobs to suit all abilities and lunch at 1pm Every Sunday

Our Progress

Here you can keep track of what we have been up to so far

Any questions?

If you are interested in becoming a member please use our MEMBERSHIP page. If you have any other questions please contact us here.

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